Running projects

Running projects
Ostseeresidenzen Heringsdorf

The Ostseeresidenzen Heringsdorf mock-up apartment underwent a complete renovation. A fully equipped and renovatd bedroom, living room, kitchen area, and bathroom

Old flooring was replaced with oak parquet and tiles running along the perimeter of the walls.

The walls were plastered and painted, MDF wall decor was installed and a niche was made in the wall with custom made shelf with rope decor.

A niche with LED lighting was formed on the ceiling in both rooms Skaityti daugiau

Running projects
Kinder – und Familienhotel “Waldholf”

Hotel Waldholf is undergoing wall and ceiling renovations. Walls and ceilings are prepared - priming, scrubbing, plastering. After preparing and leveling the surfaces, special wallpaper is glued to the walls, which will be painted later. In other spaces, decorative wallpaper is glued and the ceiling is decorated with seaboard Skaityti daugiau

Running projects
ONE80° Hostel Berlin

The ONE80 ° Hostel Berlin is undergoing renovation works for lobby, bedrooms, and bathrooms. In general premises these works are done: wall preparation for wallpapering and wallpapering, changing of broken tiles, changing walls between toilets and old urinals, renovation of damaged walls.
Guest rooms and Corridors are undergoing installation revision doors, walls and ceilings painting. In the guest rooms and corridors, the old carpet is removed, the floor is sanded, cleaned Skaityti daugiau