SEETELHOTEL Pommerscher Hof Rooms

SEETELHOTEL Pommerscher Hof  Rooms

SEETELHOTEL Pommerscher Hof 

At SEETELHOTEL Pommerscher Hof total of 38 rooms were renovated as well as renovation of
corridors and staircases have been executed.
At all 38 rooms were done full furniture, walls/ceiling/ floor coverings, plumbing and electrical
works dismantling works.
According to visualizations represented by the client, new products have been specified, fabrics,
furniture, bathroom equipment, coverings have been chosen and agreed. Completely new
electrical and plumbing installation made. Ceiling niches (Vouten) with LED lighting installed.
Walls, ceilings, doors repainted and floors covered with new Vinyl floor covering (PVC). Towel
dryers in bathrooms have been connected from central heating system.
In accordance to non-standard rooms (diagonal/attic style ceiling in part of the rooms) most of
the mounted furniture have to be adjusted individually for each room. Fish frame decoration
was custom made to fulfill sea atmosphere design.