MONA Restaurant

MONA Restaurant

Rosenheimer str. 15 81667 München 

MONA Restaurant,

Renovation of the MONA restaurant.

Preparation and replaning of the restaurant space according to the submitted design. Preparation works were done for ceiling and wall painting. The ceiling is painted with acoustic paint to absorb sound and noise and insulate it as good as possible. The floor of the restaurant was prepared for tile laying, according to the created design, all the floors of the restaurant were mosaic glued with decorative brass strips around the columns and connecting different tiles. Also there were wooden floors laid.

Customized metal shelves with integrated LED lights and heat lamps are custom made for the Bar Space. In the rest of the bar space, wooden shelves and a wooden bar with a brass counter top are made.

Glass walls were made in the restaurant entry area. Customers wardrobes and "waiter station" for waiters were manufactured and installed.
Restaurant table tops were made using wood and marble. Chairs, armchairs, bar stools, poufs and sofas were manufactured according to the customer's request. Solid oak and leather were used.
"MONA Restaurant" banner was made using LED RGB lighting. 

Outside, next to the restaurant, the terrace was designed and built. Complete patio renovation, metal terrace sofa frame was covered with wood planks and decorated with soft cushions. The lower part of the bench is decorated with stones.

Wooden beams were built, curtains were sewn and hanged. Terrace roof was installed. LED lighting was installed around the whole perimeter of the terrace. Tables were made for outdoor use, they consist of metal legs and compact laminate table tops. Three promotional signboards were produced and installed on the restaurant facade.